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Want to know how to quit your day job and start your own company?


One thing is for sure – I wish Miki Agrawal’s book DO COOL SH*T was around four years ago, before I quit my day job and started my own business (I’m still working on the Live Happily Ever After part of the book’s subtitle). A masterful mix of personal stories, chapter summary takeaways and workbook-like questions aimed at encouraging readers to identify their passions and take an entrepreneurial path, it’s packed with experience-based advice and inspiration – and a lot less expensive than business school. Agrawal was working around-the-clock for Deutsche Bank after graduating from Cornell University when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 crumbled skyscrapers that she would have been in, if not for late night drinks with friends causing her to uncharacteristically sleep through her alarm. Acknowledging her good fortune in the weeks that followed, she realized finance was not what she was put on this planet to do and made a “passion pivot,” shifting her life trajectory to courageously pursue opportunities that better aligned with her personal passions. She is now the founder of WILD – a highly acclaimed farm-to-table pizza restaurant, THINX – a stain resistant line of sustainable underwear for women, and a partner in Super Sprowtz – a children’s multimedia company she started with her twin sister Radha that teaches kids about healthy eating. Oh, and did I mention she’s in her mid-thirties, gorgeous, and has an attitude that would give Tony Robbins a run for his money?

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