We can and will do better

By Priscilla Zhan

I am trying to name my emotions right now. Relief that there may be justice for George Floyd and his family. Heaviness from the reality that justice often comes too late and is far from universal. Faith that we can and will do better.

My hope is that the outcome of this trial is a catalyst toward systemic change in the disproportionate policing of and indiscriminate violence against Black people, and all people of color.

Today, I am holding George Floyd’s family in my thoughts. Tomorrow, I’ll refocus on our work to build a more just and equitable world, together.

Rest in peace and power Mr. Floyd.


Autism is not a disease

By Greta Thunberg

Today is ‪#AutismAwarenessDay‬. At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with Asperger, a form of autism. At that time I had no idea what it meant. When I and my parents told people I was autistic, they always reacted with shock since I didn’t fit into the stereotype of autistic people.
Today, so many (especially girls) remain undiagnosed. The reasons for that are often lack of awareness, prejudices and the fact that many still see autism as a “disease” or something that has to hold you back. That more people are diagnosed with autism etc isn’t because there is an “inflation” in diagnoses but since awareness is increasing and many highly sensitive people experience stress related problems in modern society which gives them reason to suspect they’re on the spectrum.

Almost everywhere there are very limited resources to give autistic people the necessary support. Without these adjustments autism can turn into a disability. But under the right circumstances it can truly be a gift and turn into something you – and society – can benefit from. Sadly, today the level of awareness is so low. So many go undiagnosed and will therefore not receive the help they need and may go their whole life believing something is wrong with them.
So let’s all join in spreading awareness. It could literally save lives. Autism is not a disease. It’s not something you ”have”. It’s definitely not ”caused” by anything like vaccine or diet. It simply means that you are a bit different from everyone else.
And in a world where everyone strives to act, think and look the same – being different is truly something to be proud of.
Thats why I’m very proud to be autistic.

#AutisticAndProud #AspiePower #ActuallyAutistic


New Covid vaccine profile frame that you can add to your Facebook profile pic

By Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

💉 If we’re going to stop Covid, we need everyone who’s eligible to get vaccinated. People are more likely to get vaccinated if they see friends, family and people they trust doing it too. So we’re launching new Covid vaccine profile frame that you can add to your profile pic, partnering with the CDC and US Department of Health and Human Services to launch new Covid vaccine profile frames. It lets you easily show your support and tell people that you’ve been vaccinated. And we’ll show you in News Feed your friends who have put up this profile frame.

I’ll update mine after I get vaccinated, which I plan to do as soon as I’m eligible. I hope everyone else does the same!