Interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook about ‘Made in the USA’

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaking at the D10 Conference, touching upon the subject of Apple’s manufacturing in China. Of course Apple has been widely criticized for worker conditions at its supplier factories. He also addresses the question of whether an Apple product will ever be labeled ‘Made in the USA’ again, rather than having most processes handled in China.

One thought on “Interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook about ‘Made in the USA’

  1. Dan Gilmour on Google+:

    I’ve returned home from the Wall Street Journal’s annual All Things Digital conference, which was (as always) a highlight of my year. Tim Cook led off the gathering with a revealing — mostly for what he didn’t discuss — look into who he really is: a supremely confident and talented CEO who is going to be about as transparent as a window shade and who has visible contempt for journalism.

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