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The power of asymmetric connections

Is your business working in an asymmetric environment? Here’s a guest blog on why making asymmetric connections can prove invaluable to entrepreneurs…

We’re programmed to like, trust, admire, date and – yes – do business with those like ourselves. A combination of geography, profession-identification, culture and social groups contrive to connect us “symmetrically”. Consciously or unconsciously, we spend most of our personal and professional lives with those who are recognisable and who seem safe – in part because we see ourselves in the other.

The price of this comfortable, symmetrical environment is to miss out on invaluable business opportunities.

The Kenyan automobile entrepreneur who meets the London investor. The American inventor of a revolutionary shoe that raises money for trafficked women who connects with the European MTV executive. Connections between two different worlds, “asymmetric connections”, are the hardest to make. They often feel uncomfortable at first. But they are the most revolutionary and rewarding in business.

Read the full blog posting here.

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