Oliver Stone: “I got vaccinated in Russia”

By Oliver Stone

Many have wondered why I was vaccinated in Russia against COVID.

(1) The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines won’t be available for most of us in the United States for weeks, if not more.

(2) I happened to be in Russia shooting some of their nuclear energy facilities for our documentary on climate change. One of these facilities at Beloyarsk contains the state-of-the-art “fast breeder reactors,” which utilize their own nuclear waste and which apparently have never been visited by an American. In that regard, I also visited one of France’s EDF (Électricité de France) plants. And further visits are planned to US facilities. Also, I should point out that the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology is highly respected for its virology and other work going back many years. The vaccine is being offered for free at numerous clinics in Moscow and nationwide.

(3) There’s no need for ideological competition here between Russia and the United States, which I’ve seen too much of in our media. In fact, there’s been very little mention that the Russians were developing this vaccine successfully over the summer. There’s a paranoia here in this country about Russia and China, which many of us don’t share. The peace of the world is at stake, and when it comes to climate and COVID issues, we must learn how to use the best minds we have here on earth to attack the major issues. There’s no reason why the US, Russia, and China couldn’t be in a partnership for clean energy. But our arms industry’s greed for profit is the one ugly thing preventing this from happening.

(4) Most telling that these recent cyber and poisoning issues, neither of which we’ve ever offered solid evidence of, come up just as the Biden Administration begins. It seems our intelligence agencies are complicit with our media. See this analysis from Caitlin Johnstone.

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